Dear producer, art director, stylist and other creatives!
Would not it be nice if you spot the perfect animal for your production in the Netherlands with us! We have a lot of choice, please do get inspired by our database below. Every photo is clickable for more (and larger) material and extensive skills. You can click each candidates' envelope to request more information and availability. If you have a tight schedule or don't feel like browsing, please have us do the casting for you.

Should you book one of our animals it will appear on the desired date and hour with its handler at the site designated by you.

Animal friendliness

Animaux commits exclusively for animal friendly advertising and communications. We do not work on productions that seem unsympathetic to us and nothing may be at the expense of any animal, even if it would be only imaginary (p.e.: a rottweiler who supposedly should bite a child will not be provided by us.


We will not have any animal carry out risky tasks. Though the production could look like frightening or dangerous risks are taken, thanks to trickery and especially computer technology almost anything is possible to bring into the picture, even if there are no real animals in it at all.


Animaux does not participate in advertising for fur or factory farming. We do not participate in bringing any species or varieties into a bad light. We also do not provide animals for projects which are ethically discussable. For example: an exotic animal could be provided for a movie in tropical spheres or for educational purpose, but not for fun or sensation at an event or fair.